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Lastolite Halo Compact 82cm 2 Stop Diffusor
Lastolite Halo Compact 82cm 2 Stop Diffusor
  • Lastolite Halo Compact 82cm 2 Stop Diffusor
  • Superkompakt transportstorlek
  • Tillbehörsfäste, 1/4" gänga
  • Snabb, och enkel montering
  • Duken är försedd med clips
  • Kan hållas med en hand
  • Enkel montering på stativ
  • Snygg diffusering av speedlite blixtljus
  • Kan enkelt hållas med en hand
  • Tar bort hårda solljusskuggor

Lastolite HaloCompact 82 cm 2 Stop Diffusor

Pris exkl.748.47
På lager 21

Hva vil du vite om Lastolite HaloCompact 82 cm 2 Stop Diffusor?



Lastolite HaloCompact Diffuser is a completely new, patent pending design concept that makes the everyday reflector and diffuser panel even more portable than ever!

Unlike many traditional reflector/diffuser panels that incorporate a steel rim pop up design, the 82cm (32”) HaloCompact is constructed using Lastolite By Manfrotto’snew innovative RapidExoframe™ technology. The collapsible lightweight aluminium frame quickly slots together and the reflector or diffuser fabric cover simply clips onto the frame.
The cleverly designed RapidExoframe™ construction allows the frame to breakdown into small multiple sections and along with the folded fabric packs into a carry case measuring only 6.5 x 27 x 6.5cm weighing only 390g (HaloCompactReflector and case).

The ultra-compact folded dimensions make the HaloCompact the perfect solution for photographers on the move or with very limited carrying space. It now means a reflector/diffuser can always be carried in the camera bag rather than having to consider whether to take an extra bag or not.

Video HaloCompact

A handy carabinerstyle clip also allows the user to clip the HaloCompact to their belt if out on location with their camera only and no camera bag.

The HaloCompact also features an ergonomically designed handle so it can easily be held and accurately positioned with one hand. The handle also incorporates a very useful ¼” thread (plus a ¼” to ¼” adaptor), enabling it to be easily attached to various different support systems, to offer secure positioning further away from camera position.

The HaloCompact is available in two versions –the first is a double-sided reflector, with silver one side and white the other. The second version is as a 2 stop diffuser. The two covers are also available separately.


  • Packs down smaller than a traditional reflector/diffuser
  • Lighter in weight than a traditional reflector/diffuser
  • Ergonomic hand grip for one handed operation
  • Rigid frame eliminates flexing caused by wind
  • 1/4” thread mount (plus a 1/4” to 1/4” adaptor) for various mounting options
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with bag for transportation


Surface Diffuser -2 Stop
Reflector Dimension (A) 82 cm
Dimension, Width (B) x Height (C) 87 x 88 cm
Weight out of bag 0,51 kg
Weight in bag 0,58 kg

Lastolite Halo

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82cm - Rund
Weight (Kg)
LL LR3301

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